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WiscNet Technical Support
608-442-6761 ext. 2

WiscNet Network Operations Center

608-442-6761 ext. 1
24x7x365 telephone support

WiscNet Billing Support
608-442-6761 ext. 4

WiscNet World Headquarters

605 Science Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53711
Phone: 608-442-6761
Fax: 608-210-3979

WiscNet Speedtest

WiscNet hosts it's own server in order for WiscNet members to test their upload and download speeds specifically across WiscNet's network.

WiscNet Weathermap

The WiscNet Network Weathermap is a graphical representation of WiscNet's backbone utilization, updated every five minutes.


WiscNet's IPERF testing allows WiscNet member organizations to test and troubleshoot their connection by flooding it with packets of data.

WiscNet Status

View and subscribe to email and/or text messages for scheduled and unscheduled outages. Notifications can be customized to just your organization, your region, or all of WiscNet.

WiscNet Graphs

WiscNet's bandwidth graphs allow WiscNet member organizations to see real-time graphs the amount of data over their connection to WiscNet.

WiscNet Knowledge Base

Straight from WiscNet's network engineering team, a collection of public-facing information about their projects and work.


WiscNet DNS Registration

Interested in adding or updating a DNS record with WiscNet? Please take a moment to complete the form below.

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WiscNet Status

WiscNet's Network Operations Center monitors the network 24/7/365 and posts outage-related information at The most common outage notifications involve simple power failures caused by anything from storms to whatever maintenance you may be performing on your network. We also post scheduled maintenance alerts with details ranging from whether the maintenance will be service affecting to the timeframe the scheduled maintenance in planned for.

WiscNet members can subscribe to updates via email, text, and/or RSS feed. You will receive notifications whenever WiscNet creates, updates, resolves, or changes and incident status report. You can subscribe to an individual incident, all incidents involving your organization (most common), all incidents involving organizations around you (example: Community Area Networks), or all WiscNet member organizations (this might be a bit much). Think about how you might use these notifications not just personally, but tied to your organization's help desk, mailing lists, and key contacts.

WiscNet uses Atlassian's Statuspage to communicate outages.

WiscNet Graphs

The next most popular tool for WiscNet members are WiscNet's graphs at You can search for your Member Organization name using shorter sections of text, such as "Abbotsford" or "Wrightstown". (If you have any issues finding your graphs, please reach out to

WiscNet's bandwidth graphs will give you an indication of how much real-time traffic is coming in and going out based on whatever time frame you choose ranging from the past 6 hours to the past 6 years. This data can be used for anything from simple real-time troubleshooting to long range planning for additional capacity. In addition to bandwidth, WiscNet provides graphs indicating device errors, ping response time, cpu usage, temperature, and uptime.


WiscNet Speedtest

Next there's the WiscNet Speedtest. We use Ookla's Speedtest tool on a server located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to allow members to see upload and download (mbps) along with ping and jitter (ms). It's important to note that the accuracy of this style of speed testing diminishes with larger bandwidth circuits. The hardware performance of the machine running this test will also have a significant impact on the results. Example: If you are connected to your network via 802.x WiFi, you are likely going to hit a ceiling of 200 - 300 Mbps simply based on the limitations of your wireless card. Similarly, if you are connected via ethernet and have a 1 Gbps capacity card, you aren't going to see and push 5 Gbps of traffic. 

If you are interested in a bit more technical and accurate form of bandwidth testing visit WiscNet's Knowledge Base page on Bandwidth Testing where we provide additional guidance on using the iPerf tool to help measure network throughput.

WiscNet Support

Finally, there are WiscNet's humans. Yes, real, live human beings eager to lend a hand. 608-442-6761 ext. 2 gets you to WiscNet's technical support crew who are available Monday - Friday, 7:45am - 4:45pm. These folks work to not only resolve whatever is standing in your way, but to also teach and learn along with you. While we definitely know a little bit more than the average person about what's going on across the network, we're also curious about what else we can learn from and help you out with. Throughout the year WiscNet hosts a variety of events ranging from troubleshooting firewalls to developing leadership skills that are well-appreciated among our members. Visit for more information about what's happening throughout the membership.