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WiscNet Technical Support
608-442-6761 extension 2

WiscNet Network Operations Center
608-442-6761 extension 1 – 24x7x365 telephone support

WiscNet Billing Support
608-442-6761 extension 4

WiscNet World Headquarters
605 Science Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53711
Phone: 608-442-6761
Fax: 608-210-3979

WiscNet Speedtest

WiscNet hosts it's own server in order for WiscNet members to test their upload and download speeds specifically across WiscNet's network.

Visit WiscNet

WiscNet Weathermap

The Network Weathermap is a graphical representation of WiscNet's backbone utilization, updated every five minutes.


WiscNet's IPERF testing allows WiscNet member organizations to test and troubleshoot their connection by flooding it with packets of data

Read IPERF directions
Download WiscNet IPERF

WiscNet Status

View and subscribe to email and/or text messages for scheduled and unscheduled outages. Notifications can be customized to just your organization, your region, or all of WiscNet.

WiscNet NRG Graphs

WiscNet's Network Resource Graphs (NRG) allow WiscNet member organizations to see real-time graphs showing the amount of data coming down and going up over their connection to WiscNet. Only accessible while on WiscNet's network.

WiscNet Knowledge Base

Straight from WiscNet's network engineering team, a collection of public-facing information about their projects and work.

WiscNet DNS Registration

Interested in adding or updating a DNS record with WiscNet? Please take a moment to complete the form below.

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