WiscNet World Headquarters

WiscNet World Headquarters


WiscNet World Headquarters is located at 605 Science Drive, Madison, Wisconsin 53711. In April of 2016 we moved into University Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin. Tours of our new office are available. Details and dates are available online. We also welcome WiscNet members to use our facilities at any time. Need coffee and wireless for a few hours while in Madison? Drop on in and introduce yourself. Interested in a place to host a meeting? Contact us for details using the form below. Mí casa es su casa.

Directions to WiscNet

Most visitors will be arriving via Madison's beltline. Exit at Whitney Way and head in a few blocks to University Research Park. Science Drive is the right off Whitney Way. We notice that a few GPS enabled devices get a bit confused with our address and try to stick you behind our offices. Find your way into University Research Park and you will be golden. Madison's beltline can get sketchy during rush hours and whenever weather is a factor. Plan accordingly!


WiscNet has a variety of meeting space available to our members. Our "Work Cafe" holds crowds of 25 comfortably. Our Large Conference Room is great for meetings of 8 - 15 folks and our Medium Conference Room is perfect for meetings of 4 - 8. 10Gbps Internet connectivity and open WiFi is a given. If you are in the area and need a place to kill a few hours, we have plenty of desks and rooms available for you and others. Contact us below about scheduling a meeting room.

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