"WiscNet is as concerned with people as with technology. Don't underestimate the importance of this concern. Humans give our networks their shape and purpose. When it comes to serving PK-12 institutions, WiscNet's concern translates into student learning and access to information. It's not just part of their motto, it's how they do business."

Kimberly Bannigan - Director of Learning and Technology, DeForest School District

“WiscNet’s greatest asset is in its membership that individually contributes value to be shared by all.  While WiscNet's statewide network is impressive, its greatest attribute is the added value it offers.  This is exhibited through the high quality services that WiscNet provides and through the substantial cost savings for its membership due to its non-profit status."

Norm Stoner - WiscNet’s first Executive Director

"Private-sector telecommunications have been unable to appropriately respond to the economic issues faced by municipalities, counties, and learning institutions. The collaborative/cooperative concept associated with WiscNet and its partners/members has been win/win, kept broadband internet in member schools cost-effective, and, certainly, coincides with the 'Wisconsin Idea.'"

Jeff Holmes - District Administrator, Germantown School District & WiscNet Board Member

“The citizens of Wisconsin know how the Internet has played a critical role in creating and growing the economy that now shapes our global business environment.  To stay competitive, Wisconsin needs the most innovating network technologies, and it needs innovating network providers like WiscNet and the University of Wisconsin to continuously push the envelop of possibilities and assure that future innovations are possible in Wisconsin.”

H. David Lambert - Internet2 President & CEO

“As Wisconsin competes in the global economy we need to make absolutely certain that our school and libraries have (high-speed, affordable) access, especially in rural areas.  WiscNet now provides this access, and much more, at very affordable costs.”

Tony Evers - Wisconsin State Superintendent

"Breakthroughs in biology and physics, the creation of commercial giants such as Google and Facebook, and advances in space exploration and medicine all derive from the solitary sparks of genius and decades-long collaborations facilitated by American research and education networks. Through WiscNet, the state of Wisconsin has fostered and benefited from the internet era."

Gregory A Jackson - Vice President for Policy & Analysis, EDUCAUSE

"Small rural hospitals benefit from the leveraged investments of larger regional hospitals because technological capabilities and applications may be shared over long distances using advanced networks. These collaborations and economies of scale, made possible by the University of Wisconsin-Extension, help bend the healthcare cost curve down."

Steve Ronstrom - President and CEO,  Hospital Sisters Health System of Western Wisconsin