WiscNet Security Services

WiscNet Security Services

WiscNet Digital Student Safety Service

Using natural language process algorithms, Securly flags students' social media and e-mail activity when there are indications someone is being bullied or at risk for suicide and alerts school administrators as well as parents so that everyone can work together quickly and effectively, in equal partnership, to keep students safe. Learn more…

WiscNet Web Security and Filtering - iBoss

WiscNet Web Security and Filtering is a shared-effort service in which the WiscNet member shares responsibilities with the WiscNet's Service Success Team to provide a web security solution that meets the "technology protection measure" requirement of the federal Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and provides the tools to configure filtering to meet a member's unique needs. 

WiscNet Managed Firewall

WiscNet's managed firewall service allows you the choice of WiscNet owning the device or you, the member owning the device; however, WiscNet only manages devices when the device matches one that WiscNet would provide. Either way, we'll manage the firewall and help your risk of network intrusion. This will free up resources so you and your staff can concentrate on other important things.