WiscNet Member Services

WiscNet Member Services

WiscNet Membership Service

WiscNet connects people. We create opportunities for our community to grow collaborations and share strategies. We work together to articulate needs and then we build connections, advance strategies and create services that solve the real-world problems of our members.

WiscNet Connections

WiscNet Connections is an annual, two-day conference during the spring in Madison, Wisconsin. WiscNet invites provocative keynote speakers along with members of the WiscNet community to push attendees' thinking forward on topics ranging from teaching and learning to advanced networking. Learn more…

WiscNet Advisories to the Membership

WiscNet Advisories to the Membership allow people from the WiscNet community who are passionate about a variety of topics to teach and learn with others who have the same interests, ideas, and questions. These groups meet several times a year to dive deep into their topics and work together to report out their discussions, ideas, and findings to the greater membership at WiscNet Connections each May. Learn more…


WiscNet Community Conversations

WiscNet Community Conversations are local meetings around the state intended to bring people together face-to-face in their own communities. At each meeting, we focus on a single topic of current interest to the WiscNet membership, but the primary goal is to meet members where they are and connect them to others in their area. Learn more…

Building Smart(er) Communities

Join us in Eau Claire on October 23 for our annual event that provides community leaders and IT professionals with valuable connections: to information and stories and to each other. Come to the Pablo Center at the Confluence to learn about how local communities and anchor institutions collaborate and use collective knowledge to serve their constituents. Using the framework of a Community Area Network (CAN), communities and organizations do amazing things— listen to the stories from fellow WiscNet members and learn creative ways they help their organizations and communities prepare for the technologies of today and tomorrow. Learn more…

WiscNet E-Rate Support

Since the inception of the FCC E-rate program in 1997, our Service Success and Business Office teams have responded quickly to the hundreds of requests per year initiated by current (and prospective) WiscNet members who request information about our E-rate-eligible services. 

As an “E-rate service provider,” we strive to apply our deep knowledge of the E-rate program to provide you with accurate answers and fee-quotes which comply with E-rate regulations.