WiscNet Advisories to the Membership

WiscNet Advisories to the Membership


In a Nutshell

WiscNet Advisories to the Membership allow people from the WiscNet community who are passionate about a variety of topics to teach and learn with others who have the same interests, ideas, and questions. These groups meet several times a year to dive deep into their topics and work together to report out their discussions, ideas, and findings to the greater membership at WiscNet Connections each May. 


Participation in WiscNet Advisories to the Membership is free for all WiscNet member organizations.


All The Details

Most of what we do in communities and organizations focuses us on our individual needs. We attend a conference or meeting for our own purposes, for "What I can get out of this." WiscNet is trying something different by creating advisories to the membership. The idea started as, "Let's take people from the WiscNet community passionate about _____ and have them teach and learn with others that are interested in _____, thereby strengthening the value of being a part of the WiscNet membership. These folks will help inform and carry out the strategies in our strategic plan." After presenting this a few times, people's minds naturally went to, "So, this will all culminate in a white paper or a toolkit of some sort?" Our reaction was, "Maybe? We'd be happy if we could give people a face-to-face forum to connect with others and have conversations about what they are passionate about."

To Learn More About This Service

There are a few ways to learn more about this, and many other, WiscNet Services.

  1. Drop us a message using the form below at any time. This will go to our member engagement crew here at WiscNet and we’ll pair you up with the right person to answer your questions.

  2. WiscNet hosts a variety of events throughout the year both specific to our various services. Registration for most events comes free with your WiscNet Membership.

  3. Give us a call. (608) 442-6761 extension 2 will land you with our support people who will be able to direct your call appropriately.