Welcome to WiscNet

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Welcome to WiscNet! We look forward to your contributions to our community and our staff looks forward to working with you.

Before tackling the administrivia, I'm offer a challenge. WiscNet is first – and foremost – a membership organization. Yes, we'll hook you up to the Internet with some big, fat pipes and wiz-bang technology. What truly makes WiscNet interesting is membership. This began in the late 1980's when curious individuals put their heads together to cooperate in building a network to serve the research and education needs of their organizations. Nobody was going to do it FOR them. They needed to work WITH each other to make things happen. Three decades later we persist. Not because of those big, fat pipes and wiz-bang technology, but because of the people that give back to the organization with their time and attention. Yes, we need your money to make this happen. We also need your ideas. We need your questions. We need your challenges. We need your expertise. We need whatever little bit of crazy you can contribute to strengthen the organization.

We invite you to participate in small and in big ways. Visit https://wiscnet.net/events to see what we are up to throughout the year. Pay particular attention to WiscNet Connections in May. This is our big annual get-together where you'll get a little bit of everything. WiscNet Connections registration fees are waived for you, the member representative, to encourage you to make the trip to Madison.

WiscNet Events

There are a number of ways members can work with WiscNet to strengthen the membership. More information is available at https://wiscnet.net/events.

WiscNet Connections 

WiscNet Advisories to the Membership: Services

WiscNet Advisories to the Membership: Next Generation Leaders

WiscNet Advisories to the Membership: Community Area Networks

WiscNet User Groups: Advanced Networking

WiscNet User Groups: Security

Issue Escallation

Jim Young - Senior Engineer of Network Services
jyoung@wiscnet.net - 608-210-3944

Rich Turiel - Service Success Strategy Manager
rturiel@wiscnet.net - 608-210-3958

Kika Barr, Senior Director of Operational and Service Success
barr@wiscnet.net - (608) 210-3955

Technical Support

If you need technical support or information about other WiscNet services, contact WiscNet's Service Success team Monday - Friday between 7:45am and 4:45pm.

support@wiscnet.net - (608) 442-6761, option 2

If you have a network outage after-hours, contact our Network Operations Center at (608) 442-6761, option 1.

WiscNet Services

WiscNet offers many services beyond network access. Browse the website at https://www.wiscnet.net/services and request a conference call with any of our Service Success team members to learn what we do and what we offer. Reach us at support@wiscnet.net or (608) 442-6761, option 2.

Status and Bandwidth Monitoring

Subscribe to receive status notifications via email and/or text message so that you never miss important scheduled or unplanned events. http://status.wiscnet.net/

Realtime and historical bandwidth monitoring. https://graphs.wiscnet.net

Contact Information

Take a few minutes to consider who from your organization our WiscNet staff should be in contact with. We interface with our members across 4 general roles. And yep, you may wear some of all of these roles.

  • Member representatives represent your organization's primary contact with WiscNet. These are the primary decision makers and are eligible to vote for candidates on the WiscNet Board of Directors.
  • Technical representatives (primary, secondary) are the people WiscNet works with on technical issues.
  • Administrative representatives are the people our business office works with on matters of billing.
  • E-Rate representatives (K12 and library) are the people that manage the E-Rate process for your organization.

You can add or update contact and role information at any time by visiting our WiscNet Contact Information Update form.