Reduced funding, rising costs and new technologies are driving change across academic institutions. From K-12 to universities and municipalities, IT leaders are seeking ways to improve learning and meet the needs of users while watching costs. To stretch budget dollars, you can extend the latest innovations to more with VMware’s virtualization and cloud computing technologies. Virtualization helps institutions of all sizes reduce their capital and operating expenses while improving service delivery.

Reduce costs and increase server utilization through server consolidation.
Improve productivity, reduce risks and drive down costs with desktop virtualization.
Build a flexible, automated infrastructure and deliver services on demand with cloud computing.

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http://vmware.com/solutions/education/ -- Extend the reach of education with virtualization and Your Cloud.
In this candid interview, VMware's EUC Solutions Marketing specialist, Geoffrey Murase, discusses how Vmware products are helping to reshape and redefine education in the 21st Century. The needs of both students and teachers certainly are at the heart of the unique challenges that are faced when it comes to the concept of excellence in a digital world.