WiscNet Regional Data Centers

WiscNet partners with Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in sharing a data center to offer co-location and develop additional opportunities for all WiscNet members. Purchase a full rack for your use, or to share with your partners, or just use the rack-space you need in a shared rack with other WiscNet member-organizations. Use cases include disaster recovery, cloud services, shared hardware and/or applications, or others we haven't thought of yet.

WiscNet also provides our members another Data Center/Colocation on our WiscNet backbone in Madison, WI. Members can get either a full or half rack space for their use. Specific features for this data center include:

  • Directly connected to the fast, reliable WiscNet network (no need for transport)
  • Secure data center facility
  • Full or Half racks available (half=21U or full=45U)
  • Generator backed power available
  • 1 Gig connection included
  • 10 Gig connection available
  • Access to the data center for you to install your infrastructure
  • Availability of "Remote Hands" at the data center
  • Possible disaster recovery site (separate from a site you already have equipment)
  • One of a kind value (with the included 1Gig connection, we don't see anyone close to our price point)

As this is a highly configurable offering, please give us a call to walk through the options and approximate cost.