WiscNet On BadgerNet

If you use or choose BadgerNet, you can choose our WiscNet on BadgerNet service. Pricing is consistent with our identical WiscNet Network Access service. The same WiscNet staff you have grown to trust over the past 25+ years will continue to support WiscNet on BadgerNet, including WiscNet-provided equipment at your location, phone support, and coordinated assistance on service conversions from the old BadgerNet Converged Network to the new BadgerNet network.

E-rate quotes that include information about WiscNet on BadgerNet will come via AT&T. Here's why. Per the BadgerNet agreement between the State of Wisconsin and AT&T, AT&T is responsible for all billing and E-Rate for BadgerNet, including WiscNet on BadgerNet. If you haven't received a quote, please let us know at info@wiscnet.net.