WiscNet Network Access

WiscNet obtains commodity Internet connectivity on 100-gigabit and 10-gigabit interfaces in Chicago and Minneapolis from various national Tier 1 providers. WiscNet's Network Access Service is E-rate eligible. We maintain an extremely high-speed, scalable and robust backbone that provides redundant core routing. Our goal is to try and keep as much of our traffic on-net as possible in order to provide a better end user experience and keep our costs low. We accomplish this by exchanging network traffic by peering with others in the education, research, and commercial space. 

WiscNet does not measure Internet usage, nor do we set limits or cap the amount of data our member organizations use. We want our members to use and grow into their full capacity at no additional WiscNet cost, therefore, for an annual fixed fee, WiscNet provides unlimited Internet transit. When member organizations increase Internet transport capacity ("bandwidth" ordered from BadgerNet, Charter, or by building a Community Area Network) the annual WiscNet Network Access Service fee will not increase.