eThink Moodle Hosting

eThink is a rapidly growing Certified Moodle Partner providing implementation, integration, and management services for the open source Learning Management System Moodle in the Higher Education, K-12 and corporate sectors. Open-source Moodle is the most widely used Learning Management System in the world. When implemented and managed by experts, Moodle is an extremely dynamic platform capable of matching, and often surpassing, the functionality of the competing systems in the market. eThink’s Moodle cloud hosting services offers unrivalled performance and exceptional value.

Moodle is a community driven product. Moodle’s constant development is brought about by community feedback through forums and the Moodle Association. With Moodle by eThink you pay for services not licensing, therefore guaranteeing the highest level of support in the market.

The LMS industry continues to repeat itself. Closed source solutions gain widespread adoption just as quickly as they vanish into thin air. Open-source Moodle is a constant in the sea of change that is the LMS market. Just as important, when you implement Moodle you own the code - thus eliminating vendor lock and empowering you to demand great service from your provider.