WiscNet Web Security and Filtering - iBOSS

WiscNet Web Security and Filtering is a shared-effort service in which the WiscNet member shares responsibilities with the WiscNet's Service Success Team to provide a web security solution that meets the "technology protection measure" requirement of the federal Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and provides the tools to configure filtering to meet a member's unique needs. 

WiscNet members configure a WiscNet-owned and managed iBoss filter appliance installed at the member location. The device enables the member to filter content by keyword, URL, applications, images and customize categories by groups (e.g., students, teachers, lab computers) and by time and date, all without the need for local proxy settings on individual workstations. Real-time reporting features allow members to watch their service work. The iBoss appliance is perfect for the Web 2.0 world with special attention paid to filtering social media and Google Apps in a completely customized way. The appliance also begins a transition from straight content filtering to complete web security with its threat protection features. 

The collaborative partnership between WiscNet, iBoss, and the WiscNet member provides the of use a trusted appliance for web security and define standards applicable to their site, Internet policies, and E-Rate eligible requirements. Reporting for this service is available on both the WiscNet backbone and at the local level with WiscNet maintaining the device and iBoss providing updates and a second-tier technical support to WiscNet. This service is for any WiscNet member who wants to filter traffic and web content to abide by the CIPA and be eligible for E-Rate funding.