WiscNet Digital Student Safety - Securly

WiscNet Digital Student Safety - Securly


In a Nutshell

Using natural language process algorithms, Securly flags students' social media and e-mail activity when there are indications someone is being bullied or at risk for suicide and alerts school administrators as well as parents so that everyone can work together quickly and effectively, in equal partnership, to keep students safe.


Pricing for WiscNet Digital Student Safety - Securly varies based on the number of licenses necessary. If you are interested in getting a quote, use the form below to schedule a call with us to discuss your options.


All The Details

When Securly approached WiscNet about what they can do for K-12 schools and families, we were impressed. Sure, they offer a complete cloud-based web filtering service that greatly reduces the technical complications of web filtering in 1:1 and take-home environments. (That's great -- don't get us wrong.) But the game-changer is their solution to the problems of bullying and self-harm.

We were also excited by Securly's Parent Portal, a feature that allows parents the ability to monitor their child’s online activity on school-owned devices, and be engaged in the safety and productivity of their children. In line with this, Securly stands alone in offering a Student Safety team of former K-12 educators that come alongside districts to help you better understand and implement the additional features focused on Digital Citizenship. (Read: Worried about how parents will react to this? Have other major concerns? There's someone who has been in your shoes and speaks your unique language to walk you through this every step of the way.) 

When Securly shared some of their success stories with us -- when we learned about the lives that have been saved -- we knew we wanted to offer this service to the WiscNet membership. 

WiscNet isn't going to convince you that your school district should care about bullying or suicide prevention. But if you do care about bullying or suicide prevention, we have the perfect service for you.

To Learn More About This Service

There are a few ways to learn more about this, and many other, WiscNet Services.

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  2. WiscNet hosts a variety of events throughout the year both specific to our various services. Registration for most events comes free with your WiscNet Membership.

  3. Give us a call. (608) 442-6761 extension 2 will land you with our support people who will be able to direct your call appropriately.

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