WiscNet Custom Private Network

WiscNet Custom Private Network


In a Nutshell

WiscNet's Custom Private Network Service reserves a portion of your bandwidth -- an amount you specify, up to 25% -- that enables you to connect directly with an endpoint of your choice. Maybe this allows you to increase your class options, send information over a private network from one point to another, deliver a continuously reliable service to those your constituents, or keep going with the magic you're already got. WiscNet's Custom Private Network Service can help you plan for the future, and then bring you there.


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All The Details

Who is this for?

WiscNet Custom Private Network service allows WiscNet member organizations to connect directly to another by reserving a portion of bandwidth specifically dedicated to an application or service. Example? Increase both the quality and quantity of class options available to students via a dedicated, private video connection between two points. Allocate a dedicated amount of bandwidth to a private connection from one point to another to pass critical data back and forth. WiscNet Custom Private Network service helps members plan for the future and then brings us there. We encourage you to think big and come talk to us about the variety of possibilities and applications.

How does it work?

WiscNet Custom Private Network service reserves an amount — up to 25%  — of a member organization’s available bandwidth for a dedicated application or service. This prioritized, private connection between two endpoints can happen anywhere on WiscNet’s backbone. For example, School A wants to connect via video with Technical College B. Library C and Library D are interested in connecting two branches with a private, protected path in a way that goes beyond troublesome Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) configured in member-managed firewalls.

What is it?

WiscNet Custom Private Network service is a point-to-point Layer 2 circuit that shares the capacity of a WiscNet member organization’s WiscNet Network Access service over their connection on the WiscNet backbone.

  • WiscNet member organizations can reserve up to 25% of the transport circuit’s capacity for bandwidth dedicated to WiscNet Custom Private Network service. Anywhere from 2% (20 Mbps) to 25% (250 Mbps) on a 1 Gbps circuit (Need more? WiscNet will work with our member organizations on a dedicated circuit that is not shared with their WiscNet Network Access service.)

  • WiscNet Custom Private Network traffic will take priority over WiscNet Network Access traffic. WiscNet Network Access traffic may burst into WiscNet Custom Private Network allocated space, but WiscNet Custom Private Network traffic may not burst above the allocated rate.

  • WiscNet-managed hardware (CPEs) are required on both ends of the WiscNet Custom Private Network circuit.

  • WiscNet Custom Private Network service is delivered across WiscNet’s MPLS backbone. Should there be a backbone outage, the circuit is designed to re-signal across a different backbone path within seconds.

  • If a member organization’s transport is provided by a third-party, technical consultation is necessary to determine if the connection supports what’s referred to as Q-in-Q support or customer VLAN tagging, allowing WiscNet Custom Private Network. (Note: WiscNet Custom Private Network is not available on BadgerNet due to technical limitations.)

To Learn More About This Service

There are a few ways to learn more about this, and many other, WiscNet Services.

  1. Drop us a message using the form below at any time. This will go to our member engagement crew here at WiscNet and we’ll pair you up with the right person to answer your questions.

  2. WiscNet hosts a variety of events throughout the year both specific to our various services. Registration for most events comes free with your WiscNet Membership.

  3. Give us a call. (608) 442-6761 extension 2 will land you with our support people who will be able to direct your call appropriately.

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