WiscNet Connect +1 and Connect K12+1

Who is this for?

Any WiscNet member. There are two flavors of this service:

  • Connect +1 is for higher education, city, county, hospital members; or are K12 school districts or libraries that do not plan to file for E-Rate

  • Connect K12 +1 is for school district and library members who do plan to file for E-Rate

How does it work?

WiscNet Connect +1 and Connect K12 +1 Service allows WiscNet member organizations to utilize multiple connections from your site to the WiscNet backbone. Whether to increase reliability or simply to add capacity, Connect +1 provides support for the increasingly critical network access members need. Contact us to discuss ways a dual connection might benefit your organization, now and in the future.

What is it?

Part of our work at WiscNet is to help you envision and prepare for the future. We believe what you will need in 2020 is worth thinking – and doing – something about.

WiscNet has spent nearly 30 years connecting people and strategies in order to get our member organizations — schools, colleges, universities, libraries, cities, counties, and hospitals — connected to the Internet. Our newest service takes another giant step forward in helping our member organizations stay connected. Meet WiscNet Connect +1 and Connect K12 +1.

WiscNet believes that all of our member organizations need greater capacity and reliability to support and carry out their missions, which are critical to the people that they serve. Today, 80% of WiscNet member organizations connect to WiscNet through a single path and provider, typically AT&T (BadgerNet), Charter, Time Warner, a Community Area Network, or even their own fiber.

Even with increases in capacity, needs change frequently.  By working with a variety of transport providers to find additional paths from our member organizations to WiscNet, we can help you acquire a second connection, handling all the arrangements for you, as well as configure, test, and monitor the connections. And if you plan to file for E-Rate, we’ll work with you on that process. WiscNet will continue to support however much traffic you throw across both connections — there are no additional transit fees.