WiscNet BGP Multihome

WiscNet BGP Multihome


In a Nutshell

WiscNet offers a WiscNet Remote Site service, allowing members to connect to their remote sites/campuses directly to a WiscNet point-of-presence. This service enables the member site to stay connected to their main campus within the WiscNet backbone.


As this is a highly configurable offering, please give us a call to walk through the options and approximate cost.


To Learn More About This Service

There are a few ways to learn more about this, and many other, WiscNet Services.

  1. Drop us a message using the form below at any time. This will go to our member engagement crew here at WiscNet and we’ll pair you up with the right person to answer your questions.

  2. WiscNet hosts a variety of events throughout the year both specific to our various services. Registration for most events comes free with your WiscNet Membership.

  3. Give us a call. (608) 442-6761 extension 2 will land you with our support people who will be able to direct your call appropriately.

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