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Friend and colleague of WiscNet, Ross is headed out at the end of this school year. On May 8th at WiscNet Connections we are planning to recognize Ross and everything he has done for this organization. Monona Terrace fire code prohibits fireworks. Cakes and plaques were quickly dismissed as cliche. There no way we are about to give him the microphone any longer than absolutely necessary to reminisce on his years of service to Wisconsin.

We settled on reaching out to folks that know Ross with a simple ask. Give us your Ross story. There are so many ways to approach it. All are fair game ranging from personal to professional, from Ross the character to Ross the leader, from the days as a band instructor to the days at the capitol. What stands out in your mind?

Write this message to Ross, copy and paste it in the dingus below. We’ll take what you write and bundle it into something nice that will be presented to Ross at WiscNet Connections.

Thanks for playing along!

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Ross Wilson Stories: