WiscNet Wire for December 2016

Update Re: BadgerNet

The 2017 E-Rate season is approaching for schools and libraries. Last week the Department of Public Instruction hosted a great session with information for the next funding cycle. The big question, “What are the E-Rate implications for schools and libraries interested in using WiscNet under the new BadgerNet contract?” Particularly, “Do we have a choice of Internet service providers in the new BadgerNet?”

As things stand today, AT&T is the only option on the new BadgerNet contract. WiscNet and AT&T have been in discussions over the last few weeks on ways we can continue offering WiscNet services in this new BadgerNet contract. Rest assured, together we are working hard to figure this out in the best interest of schools and libraries throughout Wisconsin. Our talks have been extremely positive as we work together to develop a solution. We will be meeting again right after the new year. Stay tuned.

Things That Have My Attention

This short interlude between holidays is useless for starting and sustaining complicated collaborative work. Instead, I’m focusing my attention on myself. What can I do/learn that will jumpstart 2017? I thought I’d share a few things grabbing my attenion.

Joi Ito: Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future
I had the pleasure of participating in one of Joi’s experiments. In 2006 we created a World of Warcraft raiding guild to better understand leadership and team dynamics in online communities. It was an experience and relationship I’ll cherish the rest of my life. Today, Joi is the head of the MIT Media Lab and on the board of the New York Times. Whatever has Joi’s attention always has mine. “Compasses over maps” has me questioning annual goals/resolutions (maps) and instead thinking, “How would this be better expressed as a compass?”

David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried: Rework
I’m curious how people work. I recently crossed David Heinemeier Hansson via The Tim Ferriss Podcast. David is a world renowned race car driver that learned to drive via video games. He didn’t get a driver’s license until he was 25. He also created Ruby on Rails, a popular coding language, and is a co-founder of Basecamp. David and his business partner Jason wrote a book Rework that’s worth the time. At Basecamp, teamwork is structured around 6 week cycles with 2 week interludes. Regular start and finish lines with a reset in-between. Interesting.

Michael Lopp aka Rands: Five Leadership Hacks
Michael Lopp has many years experience in leadership at Apple, Pinterest, and now at Slack. He has simple advice., “I come up with three questions headed into every meeting. If I don’t have any questions, it is time to ask why the meeting in the first place.” Take a moment to reflect and reset your expectations around meetings. Is this regularly scheduled meeting still valuable? Have we included the right people? Is there anybody in this meeting that no longer needs to be? Is this a 15 minute meeting that dragging to 60 minutes because that’s what it says on the calendar?

WiscNet Member Recognition

Most people I know simply focus on doing way above average work and assume (hope) that an average amount of attention on our political system will suffice. This month, Community Area Networks in Eau Claire, La Crosse, and Platteville are hosting events for state and local politicians about efforts happening in their own communities. Recognizing individuals will result in me overlooking others. If you are/were an organizer or participant in any of these events, thank you. Your work is appreciated by all of us in the WiscNet community.

December WiscNet Anniversaries

WiscNet serves more than 500 member organizations. We can't list them all, so each month we recognize those that joined WiscNet in that month. Someday, we'll send presents. Today, you get your name on a list. Thank you to the organizations and their member representatives for your continued dedication to the WiscNet community.

20+ Years as WiscNet Members
Markesan School District, Jerry Chisnell, 20
Northcentral Technical College, Chet Strebe, 22

10+ Years as WiscNet Members
Phillips School District, Trevor Raskie, 14
Northwood School District, Audrey Visger, 15
Messmer Catholic, Laurence Mala, 16
New Glarus School District, Michael Weasner, 16
Dodgeland School District, Brad Modaff, 17
Rosholt School District, Enrique Ramos, 18
Dodgeville School District, Matthew Butteris, 18
Rib Lake School District, Gayle Perrin, 18
Abbotsford School District, Jesse Meddaugh, 18
Colby School District, Jesse Meddaugh, 18
Gilman School District, Georgia Kraus, 18
Medford Area Public School District, Dennis Hinderliter, 18
Owen-Withee School District, Bob Houts, 18
Lodi School District, Paul Anderson, 18
Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, Heikki Heikkinen, 18
Monona Grove School District, Jeff DeWolfe, 18
Waunakee Community School District, Herb Haubrich, 18
City of Superior, Dan Shea, 19

0+ Years as WiscNet Members
Jefferson County, Roland Welsch, 5
Iowa State University, Steve Schallehn, 8

Projects Happening Over the Holidays?

Our support heroes here at WiscNet World Headquarters are playing rock paper scissors spock negotiating a vacation rotation between Christmas and New Years. We know you might be planning to use the quiet little stretch between holidays for a bit of network maintenance. We want to make sure we are properly staffed at all times over the holidays. If you have a project in mind that you know will need WiscNet Service Success help, please drop us an email at support@wiscnet.net letting us know which day to you plan on the project. The WiscNet Network Operations Center will run 24/7 throughout the holidays to deal with squirrels chewing through cables and other unforeseen events.