WiscNet Wire for January 2017

📆 WiscNet, BadgerNet, E-Rate Update

We are still waiting on AT&T’s response to proposals discussed in our last round of negotiations. 

We are talking with our K12 and library members daily about what all this means with regards to filing for E-Rate. As of today (2/1/2017) there isn’t a filing deadline set by USAC. We typically estimate mid-February to be the deadline. I honestly have no idea or insight into what to expect at this point.

Here’s what WiscNet and our friends at the Department of Public Instruction recommend…

File an E-Rate Form 470 for transport.
File a second E-Rate Form 470 for transit (aka internet access).
File a third E-Rate Form 470 for combined transport and transit.

Cover your bases. If you like what “WiscNet on BadgerNet” looks like when this all sorts out, take it. If things go awry, you have backup options. Bonus: You may find others willing to provide better services at lesser rates. While it requires a little extra work and attention on your end, it’s a way to lessen the anxiety many are feeling about hitting E-Rate timelines.

More information available in my January 18, 2017 update.

🎪 WiscNet Connections

WiscNet Connections — formerly the WiscNet Future Technologies Conference — is fast approaching. May 8th and 9th, 2017. Registration is open. We will be reaching out in the next few weeks with keynote and session details. 

We’ll be adding two new twists in 2017. First, we have 75+ folks that have served as “advisors to the WiscNet membership” throughout 2016-17 that will be giving back to the rest of the attendees at WiscNet Connections on the topics of Community Area Networks, advanced networking, security, and cloud services.

In another cool twist, we are working to bring 100 “next generation” leaders under the WiscNet tent at WiscNet Connections. While we cherish those that have every t-shirt spanning the past 10 years, we’re interested in who you see as interesting, up-and-coming leaders across the WiscNet community. More details soon…get ready.

🗝 WiscNet Community Conversations: WiscNet Tools

Last fall WiscNet staff toured Wisconsin, connecting people and strategies, talking a little bit about security, tools, and strategies with our members. Come February and March we’ll hit the road yet again to bring you a primer on the various WiscNet Tools available to members. Tips, tricks, and tools, and conversation with real, live WiscNet network engineers. Bandwidth graphs? Yep. Speed testing? We’ll teach you some things you don’t know. Recognizing and stopping DDOS attacks? These folks are pretty smart.

Registration is free for these events if your organization is a member of WiscNet. If your organization is not a WiscNet member, it’s time.

Fennimore, WI - Southwest Technical College
March 1, 2017, 9:30am - 11:30am

Spooner, WI - Spooner High School
March 2, 2017, 9:30am - 11:30am

👩‍⚕️ Wisconsin CTO Clinic: Collaborative Leadership in the Digital Age

Wisconsin Educational Technology Leaders (WETL) is sponsoring a clinic on Sunday, February 26, 2017 focused on collaborative leadership in the digital age. This event is focused on Chief Technology Officers interested in taking on leadership roles in their school districts. Registration for this event is free and open to everybody. It also fits nicely with the Brainstorm K20 schedule. Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, Tamboti Room Suites 7 and 8.

⚡️ Brainstorm K20

We’re always happy to put in a plug for the Brainstorm Educational Technology Conference. This year’s event is February 26-28, 2017 in good old Wisconsin Dells. A handful of familiar WiscNet voices — as well as a few new — will be in attendance and sessions throughout the conference. If you really like the “tech” of educational technology and haven’t checked this conference out, we highly recommend a visit. It’s a great mix of face-to-face conversations, informative sessions, and has great attendance among vendors of all types. https://www.brainstormk20.com

📆 WiscNet Anniversaries for the Month of January 

WiscNet serves more than 500 member organizations. We can't list them all, so each month we recognize those that joined WiscNet in that month. Someday, we'll send presents. Today, you get your name on a list. Thank you to the organizations and their member representatives for your continued dedication to the WiscNet community.

City of Madison - John Schwoerer - 22
Reedsburg School District - Steve Tock - 21
Saint Croix Falls School District - Brian Kray - 21
Stevens Point Area Public School District - Brian Casey - 21
Marshfield Unified School District - Mike Drevlow - 20
Benton School District - Steve Schuaff - 19
Black Hawk School District - William Chambers - 19
Cuba City School District - Christophe Vrielinck - 19
Mineral Point Unified School District - Luke Francois - 19
Southwestern Wisconsin School District - John Costello - 19
Howards Grove School District - David Richart - 17
Albany School District - Suzi Gould - 17
Solon Springs School District - Dave Zosel - 16
Fontana J8 School District - Allen Damrow - 16
Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology - Sally Smits - 16
Mequon-Thiensville School District - Raymond Pitzka - 15
Kohler School District - Paula Anderson - 4