Join Us For Webinars On Securly: WiscNet's Digital Student Safety Service

We know you have needs surrounding student safety. We watch the news and we hear from you, our members, about the challenges school districts are facing every day.

WiscNet is a membership organization, which means that your problems are our problems, and we want to help you solve them -- whether that's providing you with a robust, reliable network so you can excel as an educational institution, or helping keep your students safe, online and off. 

Securly offers a complete cloud-based web filtering service that greatly reduces the technical complications of web filtering in 1:1 and take-home environments. But the game-changer is their solution to the problems of bullying and self-harm. We've heard their success stories, but when we one of your fellow WiscNet members told us last month that they saved at least one life using Securly -- well, we believe in this service more than ever. 

We'd love to show you around behind the scenes. On the following dates, we'll be hosting webinars featuring some fellow WiscNet members who are also using Securly, along with one of Securly's Student Safety Coordinators, a former principal, who will provide an overview of Securly's Student Safety Tools: 

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Thursday, April 12 at 2pm
Thursday, April 19 at 2pm
Wednesday, April 25 at 11am

WiscNet isn't going to convince you that your district should care about bullying or suicide prevention, but if you do, we have the perfect service for you. Attend any of the webinars or contact us at or 608-442-6761, extension #2 for more information.