Introducting WiscNet Connect +1 and Connect K12+1 Service

WiscNet has spent nearly 30 years connecting people and strategies in order to get our member organizations — schools, colleges, universities, libraries, cities, counties, and hospitals — connected to the Internet. Today, we take another giant step forward in helping our member organizations stay connected.

Meet Connect +1

WiscNet is working with a variety of transport providers to find additional paths from our member organizations to WiscNet. There are a variety of reasons why you might want multiple connections to WiscNet (and surely reasons we haven't even thought of yet.) Today, 80% of WiscNet’s member organizations connect to WiscNet through a single path and provider, typically AT&T (BadgerNet), Charter, Time Warner, a Community Area Network, or even your own fiber. WiscNet believes that all of our member organizations need greater capacity and reliability to support and carry out their missions. It’s our goal to make that a reality.

Wait, there's more: it's called Connect K12 +1

Some of our members have specific needs when it comes to services (K12 school districts, we're looking lovingly at you!) We created another flavor of this service, called Connect K12 +1, that's available to members who plan to file for E-Rate. 

Even with recent increases from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, a majority of Wisconsin K12 districts are still 1 Gbps (or more) short of E-Rate guidelines for the necessary capacity to support teaching and learning. By 2020, 90% of districts will need greater than 2 Gbps capacity. The cost of a second, 1 Gbps connection via an alternate provider is E-Rate eligible. With WiscNet Connect K12 +1, we’ll work with you to make all of the arrangements with a suitable transport provider; we’ll configure, test, and monitor the connections; and we’ll work together on the E-Rate process. WiscNet will continue to support however much traffic you throw across both connections — there are no additional transit fees.

This is a service for all our members

WiscNet Connect +1 is not limited to E-Rate eligible schools and and libraries. Many of our member organizations across higher education, cities, counties, and hospitals already connect to WiscNet via multiple providers.

We invite you to work with us in figuring out a way how to make the most of our newest service. You can talk with Rich Turiel or Jim Young at 608-442-6761 ext. 2 or drop us an email at and we’ll get the process underway.