Introducing WiscNet's Custom Private Network Service

We’ve been working with a few of our K12 members on something so new and exciting that we thought, “Why not pick the worst possible time of the year for an announcement?”

A few months ago, a handful of WiscNet member organizations came to us with an important request: “We’d like to prioritize a certain segment of our Internet traffic for distance learning video.” We worked with these folks to craft a service that does that. As we continued to develop this with this small group, we quickly realized that others will have similar or even new needs for applications and ideas we haven’t even thought of yet. (Things always get interesting at WiscNet.)

We’re excited to announce our new WiscNet Custom Private Network service today.

WiscNet's Custom Private Network Service reserves a portion of your bandwidth -- an amount you specify, up to 25% -- that enables you to connect directly with an endpoint of your choice. Maybe this allows you to increase your class options, send information over a private network from one point to another, deliver a continuously reliable service to the people you serve, ensure disaster recovery backups between you and another member, or keep going with the magic you're already got. WiscNet's Custom Private Network Service can help you plan for the future, and then bring you there. 

We believe this service has a variety of applications for all of our member segments. It isn't limited -- nor should it be -- to the K12 world. We encourage you to think big and come talk to us. This service was born from a group of WiscNet members who came to us with a need and a desire to work together to figure out how to fill it -- the perfect example of WiscNet working with our members, rather than simply for

We'd love to tell you more and answer any questions. If you'd like further information, contact us at or 608-442-6761, extension #2.