WiscNet needs a Network Engineer!

Job Description

WiscNet is looking for an up and coming network engineer to join our infrastructure engineering team as we advance research and education as a membership organization in Wisconsin. WiscNet plays on a national scale and operates networks that currently span multiple states in the Midwest. As Network Engineer you will provide design and support for the WiscNet backbone, peering and transit connections, and some of our more interesting end-site connections. More importantly, you will help to shape the future of WiscNet as we evolve to provide advanced services to the research and education community.  

Reporting to and working with the Chief Technology Officer as part of the five-person Strategic Technologies team, you will assist in determining the future of WiscNet’s infrastructure and related services. Ideal candidates for this position possess a thirst for learning new technologies and sharing that knowledge with others. As part of a small team of talented engineers, you will have an opportunity to work with a wide range of technologies on a daily basis. We do some cool stuff here and it matters to Wisconsin.


  • Applicable college degree + 1 year of relevant experience or 4 years of relevant experience.
    Layer 2/Layer 3 engineering experience.

  • Comfortable in a router/switch command line environment.

  • Willingness to share after hours on-call duties for escalated network issues, currently shared with two other engineers.

  • Willingness to travel.

  • Eagerness to address network challenges of all sorts: design, build, deploy, troubleshoot escalated cases, etc.

  • Be Honest; Be Nice; Be Productive (Strategic Technologies Team Values)

  • Comfortable in lightly structured, self-directed environment.

  • Must be able to work surrounded by turkeys.


  • Experience with educational users and environments.

  • Experience with standards compliant ISP routing protocols including BGP and OSPF.

  • Knowledgeable in Layer 1 fiber optic technologies such as muxes, DWDM, CWDM.

  • Practical working experience in Unix and Windows server environments.


About the WiscNet Infrastructure

  • Infinera DWDM optical equipment on dark fiber provides 100Gbps and 10Gbps backbone links.

  • Juniper MX, EX, QFX-Series switching and core routing.

  • Cisco switches and routers as customer premise equipment.

  • Utilizing protocols such as VLAN trunking, Link Aggregation, BFD, MPLS, QoS.

  • 30+ POPs in Wisconsin and surrounding states.

  • Presence at multiple locations in Chicago and Minneapolis provides interconnections to 300+ R&E and commercial networks.

  • Deliver approximately 200gbps aggregate traffic to our membership.

  • 40+ virtual servers on two geographically diverse VMWare ESXi clusters.

  • Your choice of self-supported PC or Mac workstation.

  • In-house lab for testing, staging, and troubleshooting.

About WiscNet

WiscNet is a non-profit membership organization that provides research and education services that support our members in their diverse missions, as 500+ public and private institutions of higher education, K-12 school districts, libraries, municipalities, and hospitals throughout Wisconsin. Our 25-person staff is based in a bright, modern office surrounded by nature in University Research Park in Madison, WI.  The WiscNet office environment is a casual work space where we collaborate regularly on a wide variety of work and fun activities. We work with our members to connect people and connect strategies to solve common technology challenges, and to develop innovative solutions in support of our member’s educational, research, and community service missions.