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Community Conversation: CANs

CAN of CANs—it’s our vision and let us help make it your vision too. Join WiscNet for our upcoming Community Conversations around the topic of Community Area Networks (CANs). Invite your stakeholders to learn the “What, Why, and How” of CANs; connect with others to glean ideas for the next steps to help your organization and community move forward with your own aspirations of connecting and sharing resources and applications for the common good.

Whether you are new to the CAN concept or embedded deep into the collaborative initiative, these informal conversations will help spark ideas that can both support your CAN or help determine if a CAN model is right for your community.

Waukesha Education and Community Network (WECAN)
Open House

April 10, 2018
Carroll University Graduate Center 2140
2140 Davidson Rd, Waukesha, WI 53186

As WECAN celebrates its CAN accomplishments, they are opening their doors to the community, surrounding neighbors, and WiscNet members to learn and share. WiscNet has joined them on their CAN journey and now it’s time to recognize their work, listen to their story, and bring forward new ideas and next steps and, engage others to innovate, connect and build a community network for the common good. Come, learn about WECAN, who they are and what they can do!

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