ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords, and too many files scattered about. It’s a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password. Accessible from any device, ClassLink is the perfect tool for ensuring the success of a 1:1 or BYOD initiative.

Introducing ClassLink - The one click single sign-on solution that gives you access to school from anywhere. There is lots of innovation happening in education technology these days. Between widespread adoption of tablets and Bring Your Own Device programs, schools need a solution to help students and teachers use all these different devices more easily access their apps, files, and school work, anytime on any device.

Every year, schools waste thousands of hours of class time having everyone log in to what seems like an infinite number of websites. But with ClassLink, one password gives students and teachers access to everything they need, on any device.

Your students keep files in many places. Some save their work on the school network. Others store it on the cloud. ClassLink MyFiles gives students and faculty real time access to all their files, no matter where they are stored. And they can share and edit them from any device.

We average over 14,000 logins per day during the school year among all staff and students. We love that the easy interface encourages teachers and student to open and try different resources our district has purchased for them. ClassLink provides us the ability to manage those resources and push them to the particular users that we want to have access. That, combined with Single Sign On, has been a boon to our district. Everyone from a Kindergarten student to the Superintendent is more productive because they have easy access through an intuitive interface to resources that are relevant to them.
— Joshua Patchak, Senior Programmer, Green Bay Area Public Schools

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