Advisory to the Membership: Community Area Networks

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CAN ADVISORY White paper

With approximately 30 established CANs state-wide and more communities interested in the CAN concept, WiscNet's CAN Advisory to the Membership addresses some of the many questions, challenges, and opportunities CANs deliberate. Focused around three CAN concepts—Membership, Governance, and Sustainability—the advisory delved deep into the what, when, why, and how around these CAN concepts for both new and established CANs. The interactive white paper provides the CAN Advisory findings, connects you to resources, and provides insight through tools and strategies to help in your CAN development initiatives and ensure sustainability. 

Through their work and collaborative efforts, the CAN Advisory created a white paper with resources presented at WiscNet Connections on May 8, 2017. You can access the resources created by this group via the links below. NOTE: The advisory will continue to meet and resources will continue to expand with examples from Wisconsin CANS--these documents are a "work in progress."  

White paper



CAN Links and Resources

Additional communication around the topic of CANs is available to this advisory group via a mail list. Contact Jill Hietpas, for more information or if you wish to join this group.

Below are additional links to WiscNet's CAN resources.