WiscNet Advisories to the Membership 

Our goal for these gatherings is to take people from the WiscNet community who are passionate about a variety of topics and have them learn with others who had the same interests, ideas, and questions, and we -- well, you -- have done just that.

We've heard over and over that these conversations helped you discover tools and strategies for your work. We've also heard that the knowledge, skills, and experience you shared with one another at each meeting and in group presentations sessions at WiscNet Connections enabled many others to learn from you as well. This is what a membership association is all about: as you give to one another, you receive. You strengthen the value of being a WiscNet member, and you strengthen each other.

The 2018-19 groups will focus on the following topics: 

  • Community Area Networks 
  • Next Generation Leadership 

For more information about WiscNet Advisories to the Membership contact Sarah Miller at sarahmiller@wiscnet.net.