WiscNet Membership Services

WiscNet connects people. We create opportunities for our community to grow collaborations and share strategies. We work together to articulate needs and then we build connections, advance strategies and create services that solve the real-world problems of our members. For more information about Membership Services, click here

WiscNet Network Services

WiscNet’s Network Services take advantage of our multi-state network that is the foundation for our WiscNet community and the services we share. We strategically acquire and light optical fiber that allows us to operate a highly scalable and economical backbone network. For more information about Network Services, click here

WiscNet Network Access Pricing

In 2009, WiscNet set the Network Access Service fees based only on mission and size of WiscNet member organizations. A corresponding network participation fee schedule was developed for all current and prospective WiscNet members. For more information about Network Access pricing contact WiscNet at 608-442-6761.

WiscNet Datacenter Services

WiscNet offers a variety of datacenter services on campus of Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This datacenter provides high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to all WiscNet members. The facility is connect directly – and redundantly – to WiscNet’s backbone. For more information about Datacenter Services, click here

WiscNet Security Services

WiscNet understands the importance of network security. We can provide a WiscNet managed firewall, or manage one you already own. WiscNet also uses our community buying power to offer reduced rates on SSL certificates. Additionally, to help comply with E-rate requirements, we provide a continuously updated, high-performance filtering service to block sites, content and services that you deem inappropriate. For more information about Security services, click here

WiscNet Cloud Services

WiscNet is engaged in ongoing development of cloud services that take advantage of our high-speed network. We can host your web site, freeing you from maintaining a web server while giving you full control of the content. We can also work with you to setup and maintain email lists and serve as a mail relay for devices on your network. For more information about Cloud Services, click here


If you have an idea for a new WiscNet service or something you would like to see, please contact Chris Liechty at cliechty@wiscnet.net or 608.210.3966.