WiscNet Network Access

WiscNet’s Network Services take advantage of our multi-state network that is the foundation for our WiscNet community and the services we share. We strategically acquire and light optical fiber that allows us to operate a highly scalable and economical backbone network.

WiscNet Technical Consulting

WiscNet Service Success and Strategic Technologies staff regularly assist members with network related issues for which WiscNet may not have a specific service offering. Not all consulting issues are large in scope, and difficult in the extreme. Perhaps you’d like to register a domain name for which WiscNet is not authoritative, but have no idea how to go about it. We can consult with you do it for you, or walk you through the process so you can do it for yourself the next time.

WiscNet Domain Name (DNS) and Network Time Protocol (NTP)

DNS is a database system that translates an IP address into a computer’s fully qualified domain name, allowing you to remember addresses with names, not numbers. WiscNet is authoritative for the k12.wi.us domain, lib.wi.us and tec.wi.us domains. All using those domains need to register them through WiscNet regardless of whether they are WiscNet members. WiscNet hosts DNS zones of all kinds (.com, .edu, .org etc), and provides DNS technical support for its members.

WiscNet Internet2 Partnership

We’re connecting Wisconsin schools to this nationwide initiative where organizations from K12 school districts through universities can help shape and develop Internet2, the next generation Internet.

WiscNet Dual Connections

If you are considering two circuits to WiscNet (ex: Charter and BCN), we recommend that you discuss your options with WiscNet Service Support. You have two main configuration options.

WiscNet Peering and Caching

WiscNet maintains an extremely high-speed, scalable and robust backbone that provides redundant core routing. Our goal is to try and keep as much of our traffic on-net as possible in order to provide a better end user experience and keep our costs low. We accomplish this by exchanging network traffic by peering with others in the education, research, and commercial space. Our peers include the Federal Department of Energy’s ESNET, Internet2, Google, Yahoo, Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft and other tier2 service providers (TDS, Charter, TWTelecom, Frontier), among others. WiscNet counts over 100 settlement-free peers across our network accounting for over 100 gigabytes of traffic daily. For frequently accessed content, WiscNet hosts caching servers from major commercial partners such as Akamai, Google and Netflix right on our own network. Finally, WiscNet obtains commodity Internet connectivity on 100 and 10-gigabit interfaces in Chicago and Minneapolis from various national tier1 providers.

WiscNet Community Area Network Development

Community Area Networks are local economic development opportunities through 21st century technologies.  They create a platform for community-based services to make the public sector more efficient and the private sector grow locally through advanced networking. Contact Jim Young at jyoung@wiscnet.net for more information.


In 2009, WiscNet set the Network Access Service fees based only on mission and size of WiscNet member organizations. A corresponding network participation fee schedule was developed for all current and prospective WiscNet members. These decisions built on WiscNet’s “Grow Smart” strategy by completely eliminating bandwidth metering. We do not measure Internet usage, nor we set limits or cap the amount of data our member organizations use. We want our members to use and grow into their full capacity at no additional WiscNet cost. For an annual fixed fee, WiscNet provide unlimited Internet transit. When member organizations increase Internet transport capacity (“bandwidth” ordered from BadgerNet, Charter, or by building a Community Area Network), the annual WiscNet Network Access Service fee will not increase. WiscNet’s Network Access Service is E-rate eligible.


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To learn more about WiscNet services — features, pricing, setup — contact WiscNet's Service Success team at 608-442-6761 extension #2 or use the WiscNet Services Inquiry form to drop us an email and explain what you are looking for. Our team of support heroes is always willing to lend a helping hand to connect people and strategies.