WiscNet’s focuses on being a “Community Area Network of Community Area Networks” - the CAN of CANs, if you will.  We serve as the “people” and “strategies” hub for local communities interested in moving forward. Whether the next step is as simple as a community meeting or as complex as developing and sharing full-on services, regionally or statewide, our goal is to make your CAN better, if we can. 

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WiscNet focuses on leveraging the power of the network to provide opt-in, trusted cloud services.  We connect people and and build upon members’ collective wisdom. From ad-hoc discussion groups to workshops and specialized communities, we support our members in making the most out of being a WiscNet member.

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WiscNet focuses on being ever more inclusive and welcoming conversations with new kinds of members. We continue to increase the resiliency and reach of the community of our networks by growing and delivering valuable services that bring new members and networks of community anchor institutions into our association. We are agile, responsive, and trusted to advance the missions of our organizations within and beyond research and education.

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