WiscNet Welcomes Jill Hietpas as Community Area Network Liaison

WiscNet is excited to announce the newest addition to the stables at WiscNet World Headquarters – Jill Hietpas. Jill is starting with WiscNet on October 5 in her role as Community Area Network Liaison. Jill is familiar face to many that have been involved with Community Area Networks in recent years. Her most recent role was Broadband Educator with UW-Extension’s Broadband & E-Commerce Education Center. She has, and will continue, to work closely with our friends in the Chippewa Valley and the Chippewa Valley Internetworking Consortium (CINC), supporting WiscNet’s efforts in Northern and Western Wisconsin.

WiscNet will take Jill’s experience and talents and make her available to CANs around the state. Her first order of business will be developing a toolbox of resources. http://www.wiscnet.net/community-area-networks/ is beginning to take shape as the spot to learn about starting, planning, funding, implementing, sustaining, and promoting CANs in one’s own community. Jill, together with others at WiscNet, is available as a “people contact” for anybody interested in learning more.

In a short time we’ll also kick off a new WiscNet workgroup dedicated to developing and supporting emerging leaders in CANs. CANs require a special mix of people and leadership skills. Most glean these skills from their professional “day job" roles; however, there is much to be learned and shared that doesn’t come all that easily for many. Consider this WiscNet workgroup a way to foster the leadership development of those passionate about CANs in your community.

Finally, for a long while we’ve tossed around the idea of a “summit” for CANs across Wisconsin. Jill will join us in making this idea real and beginning to plan some sort of large event dedicated to showcasing and sharing CAN efforts across the state. Stay tuned for more details as this takes shape.

Adding Jill Hietpas is among the first steps towards WiscNet’s “CAN of CANs” strategy – a long-term, strategic focus on WiscNet becoming a “Community Area Network of Community Area Networks.” We are excited to serve as the “people” and “strategies” hub for local communities interested in moving forward. Whether the next step is as simple as a community meeting or as complex as developing and sharing full-on services, regionally or statewide, our goal is to make all CANs better.